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Issues with your chimney can jeopardize home safety and comfort. Our specialists handle everything from damaged mortar to leaning chimneys. Contact us for professional repairs that safeguard your home.

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Our team offers a comprehensive range of services to maintain your chimney in peak condition. From routine check-ups to intricate repairs, rely on us for outstanding results.

Chimney Repair & Removal

Removing or repairing a chimney requires careful handling to maintain your home's safety. Our experienced team ensures the process is efficient and preserves your property’s structural integrity.

This image shows a well-constructed brick and stone chimney structure on top of a residential roof The chimney has two metal grates or vents on the top likely for ventilation purposes The chimney is surrounded by lush green trees and foliage creating a picturesque outdoor setting The overall design and craftsmanship of the chimney suggest it is a functional and aesthetically pleasing architectural feature of the home

Chimney crown repair & replacement

Ensuring the chimney crown is in good condition is crucial to preventing water intrusion. Our specialists provide expert repairs and replacements to protect your chimney from moisture damage.

This image shows a tall brick chimney on a building The chimney is constructed with a mix of red and brown bricks arranged in a decorative pattern The chimney extends above the roofline and has a distinctive tapered shape at the top The sky in the background is a clear bright blue providing a striking contrast to the warm tones of the brick

Brick & mortar repair (tuckpointing)

The condition of your chimney’s bricks and mortar plays a critical role in its durability. Our tuckpointing and repair services address signs of wear, reinforcing the structure and improving its appearance.

This image shows two masonry workers repairing a brick chimney or structure outdoors The workers are wearing protective gear like gloves and hard hats and are using tools and materials to work on the brickwork The scene is set in a wooded natural environment with lush green foliage in the background The image conveys the skilled hands-on work involved in masonry repairs and construction

Chimney liner repair & replacement

A well-functioning chimney liner is essential for safe and efficient operation. Our team offers detailed repair and replacement services to keep your chimney working effectively.

Frequently asked Questions

Common questions

The cost to repair a chimney in Newmarket varies based on the extent of the damage and the specific repairs needed. Factors such as the materials required and the complexity of the job will influence the final cost. To get an accurate estimate, it’s best to schedule an inspection to assess your chimney’s unique needs.
Fixing a deteriorating chimney starts with a comprehensive inspection to determine the level of damage. The repair process typically involves replacing damaged bricks and mortar, sealing any cracks, and applying protective treatments. These steps help restore the chimney’s structural integrity and ensure it functions safely.
A chimney might need to be rebuilt if it shows signs of severe structural damage, such as significant leaning, extensive cracking, or major deterioration of the bricks and mortar. A professional assessment can determine whether repairs are sufficient or if a rebuild is necessary to ensure long-term safety and stability.
Yes, a cracked chimney can be repaired. The process involves cleaning out the cracks, filling them with high-quality sealant or mortar, and sometimes reinforcing the structure to prevent further damage. Timely repairs are essential to maintaining the chimney’s integrity and effectiveness.

About Newmarket

Explore Newmarket: a town where heritage meets heart. This welcoming community is celebrated for its storied past and vibrant local scene, filled with cultural activities and unique festivals that draw both residents and visitors alike. Families love the top-notch educational opportunities and the myriad of parks and recreational spaces, perfect for nurturing a healthy, active lifestyle. Newmarket’s charming downtown, with its blend of quaint boutiques and contemporary conveniences, offers a slice of small-town magic with all the benefits of modern living. At Fix My Brick, we are proud to contribute to Newmarket’s charm by ensuring the homes here reflect the community’s warm spirit and rich history. Whether you’re looking to restore a historic facade or modernize your home’s exterior, our expert team is here with tailored masonry services. Reach out today for a free estimate and discover why Newmarket homeowners trust us to enhance and preserve the beauty of their properties.
This image shows a close-up view of a brick chimney or chimney stack on the roof of a building The chimney is constructed with reddish-brown bricks and has a slightly irregular stacked appearance The sky in the background is a clear bright blue color providing a vivid contrast to the warm tones of the brickwork

Common Chimney Issues

Effective Solutions for Typical Chimney Problems

Masonry deterioration due to age and weather conditions

Weather exposure and aging can cause masonry to weaken, resulting in cracked bricks and deteriorating mortar. Addressing these issues promptly helps maintain the chimney's structural integrity and appearance.

Chimney crown and flashing damage

The chimney crown is crucial in protecting your chimney from water damage. Ensuring it is well-maintained and repaired when necessary prevents moisture from causing further issues.

Structural damage and leaning chimneys

Cracks and other forms of structural damage can significantly affect your chimney's safety. Prompt repairs restore the structural integrity and prevent additional damage.

Liner cracks and deterioration

A well-functioning chimney liner is essential for safe and efficient operation. Our team offers detailed repair and replacement services to keep your chimney working effectively.

Why Customers Choose Us to

Your Trusted Partner in Masonry Excellence

Over 20 Years of Experience

We have over a decade of experience in brick repair and masonry, continuously training our staff in the latest industry practice.

Trusted by Regulators & Clients

We meets workplace Safety and Insurance Board standards, holds Baeumler approval, and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a wide range of services, including chimney repairs, as well as enhancements for porches, walkways, retaining walls, and more.

Exceptional Workmanship

Our team works efficiently and professionally to ensure that the project meets and exceeds your expectations.

Best Masonry Practices

We keep up to date with the latest innovations and improvements in the field of masonry so we can keep up with your preferences and needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

After project completion, our team conducts a final walkthrough for your satisfaction and makes any necessary touch-ups or modifications.

Benefits Of Regular Chimney Maintenance

The Positive Impact of Regular Chimney Care

Maintaining your chimney regularly enhances safety, boosts energy efficiency, and lowers heating expenses. Regular inspections and cleaning prevent costly repairs and ensure your chimney meets fire code and insurance standards, keeping your home secure and efficient.

Family Safety First

Proper chimney maintenance prevents dangerous buildups, protecting your family’s health.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Efficient chimney care reduces energy consumption, lowering heating costs.

Long-Term Chimney Health

Regular maintenance prolongs your chimney’s life, preventing major repairs.

Meet Safety Regulations

Regular check-ups ensure adherence to local fire safety and insurance standards.
This image shows a brick chimney or outdoor fireplace with a smoky fire burning inside The chimney is constructed of weathered dark-colored bricks and has a flat square top with two metal cooking surfaces or burners Smoke is rising from the chimney indicating that the fire is active The chimney is situated in a forested green outdoor environment with trees and foliage visible in the background

Preventative Measures

Chimney Health Practices

Regular Chimney Exterior Checks

Inspect the chimney exterior regularly for damage to identify issues early and maintain chimney health.

Proper Care and Use of Fireplace

Use the fireplace correctly and maintain it regularly to keep the chimney in top condition.

Prompt Reporting of Chimney Problems

Report any changes or issues with your chimney as soon as they are noticed to avoid major repairs.

Yearly Professional Inspections

Have a professional inspect your chimney annually to ensure safety and proper maintenance.

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Our clients love us, here are a few of their quotes.With a proven track record of over 21 years, Fix My Brick has been the reliable choice for masonry services, earning the trust of thousands of homeowners from Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph to the bustling city of Toronto, the stunning Niagara Falls region, Hamilton area, and the charming town of Port Dover. Our clients value our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction – check out their reviews below to see why we're the preferred choice for masonry work!

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