Chimney Repairs

In addition to carrying off toxic gases, chimneys are responsible for providing the appropriate fuel and air mixture to keep heating appliances functioning efficiently. Chimney maintenance and repair is crucial for the chimney to function as it is intended and to prevent the dispersion of harmful fumes.  Our skilled chimney masons are equipped with the quality experience required to rebuild and repair your chimney or reline its flue linings.

Porches & Walkaways

Increase your homes visual appeal with cost-effective landscaping design elements such as intricately designed stone pathways that journey to and from your home. Whether you are looking to accentuate your driveway with delicate brickwork or enhance your patio with layer of stone pavers, we are the skilled masonry specialists that will confidently deliver.

All Brick Repairs

We are true artisans when it comes to unique and comprehensive brick repairs. Working according to the requirements and conditions of the building, we remove, repair and replace damaged bricks regardless of size and age. Devoting our full attention and effort to every project, we restore masonry buildings to their original appearance while preserving their integrity.

Baeumler Approved

We are proud to be a trusted Baeumler Approved Contractor. Baeumler Approved companies have established a reputation for high-quality service, integrity, and honesty.

About our Services

Fix My Brick employs a problem-solving approach to masonry and delivers superior support and attentive workmanship to all our customers. We are continuously pursing industry certifications and continuing education to provide a world-class service and industry-dominant masonry work. Our skilled artisans are experienced in all facets of brick work and they communicate every step to arrive at the greatest results.

Providing detailed evaluations and committed to the highest ethical standards, we proceed with extreme caution and with the care in mind that considers all of your property’s needs.In Hamilton, Fix My Brick is the contractor that transforms landscapes with immaculate masonry techniques.

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