What is Masonry and Why is it Important?

What is Masonry? Masonry refers to the construction of structures using individual units. These units are usually laid in mortar ...
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Brick Fireplaces

How to paint brick fireplace

Remove Any Old Paint Or Debris From The Brick Before you can apply new paint to your fireplace, you'll need ...
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Chimney repair – A complete Guide

Most people don't give their chimney much thought - until there's a problem. Then, it's suddenly very important! If you're ...
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Brick Mortar Repair in 6 Steps

Although pointing is an easy job, it requires care and the use of the right tools. Without mortar to hold ...
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How to remove paint from brick

How to Remove Paint from Brick & Concrete

Choose The Right Paint Remover There are many types of paint removers on the market, and not all are created ...
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How to drill into brick

How to Drill Into Brick

Choose The Right Drill Bit The type of drill bit you'll need to use will depend on the job you're ...
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9 Reasons Why Brick Repair is the Best Choice for Your 2022 Home Improvement Project.

When it comes to home renovations, brick repair is often an overlooked option. Many people believe that repairing brick is ...
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Top 20 Ideas To Make Your Patio Like New Again

Everyone loves a great patio. They’re the perfect place to comfortably relax outside, whether it’s with friends and family or ...
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Brick & concrete repair

The Ultimate Guide to Brick and Concrete Repairs

Like every other material, brick and concrete start to require repair over time. Depending on the environment and use of ...
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