Brick Repair FAQs | The Common and Not So Common

From common to not-so-common, we've got you covered. Need help fixing your bricks? We're here! There's a reason why late ...
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Brick & concrete repair

The Ultimate Guide to Brick and Concrete Repairs

Like every other material, brick and concrete start to require repair over time. Depending on the environment and use of ...
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19 Ideas To Make Your Patio Like New Again in 2023

Everyone loves a great patio. They’re the perfect place to comfortably relax outside, whether it’s with friends and family or ...
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9 Reasons Why Brick Repair is the Best Choice for Your 2022 Home Improvement Project.

When it comes to home renovations, brick repair is often an overlooked option. Many people believe that repairing brick is ...
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Mortar Joints

How to Tuckpoint Mortar Joints in 7 Easy Steps

Tuckpointing refers to the repair or replacement of mortar joints in brick. Tuckpointing is the act of packing mortar into damaged ...
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Masonry Tools

Basic Masonry Tools and Materials

Masonry work, unlike other trades, is a skill that very few homeowners can master. While most homeowners are familiar with electrical, ...
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Brick backsplash in kitchen

How to Install a Brick Backsplash in the Kitchen

Allow the sealer to dry completely before using the backsplash. Cut the bricks to size using a wet saw. It's ...
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Brick Restoration

What Is Brick Restoration?

What Is Brick Restoration And What Are Its Benefits Brick restoration is the process of repairing and restoring brickwork that ...
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What is Masonry and Why is it Important?

What is Masonry? Masonry refers to the construction of structures using individual units. These units are usually laid in mortar ...
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